We give your brand superpowers.

Connect deeper with people, and make them happy.

Harness your superpower.

Let’s try a simple exercise. Smile. That’s it, just smile. Keep smiling… in just 6 seconds a smile sends a message to your brain that you must be happy. This creates a rush of positive endorphins and before you know it, you will not only look happy, but you will feel happy too.

When someone sees you smiling they can become infected with a smile and before you know it, everyone around them is smiling too.

That’s superpower. Simple, quick, effective. Imagine what will happen when we take that superpower and apply it to your brand.

Successful brands tell a story to connect people and make them smile.

Happiness creators.

The greatest superpower is understanding that success comes from happiness. Business at it’s core is just an adventure in making people happy. So essentially, we’re happiness creators – aka creatives with an end goal of making your business, your customers happy.

Branding for any business is more than a snappy logo, a marketing budget, excellent product or great customer service. Successful brands tell a story. Not fluff n waffle but a solid reason as to why your brand is different than others. Why you provide a great solution to your customers needs. What does your brand say about you? Does it make your customers smile?

Founded in 2003, J6 design is a nationally respected branding, marketing & design studio. Our family owned business is small with a dedicated talented team. We are NOT your typical snobby designers or IT geeks.

Our creative director, has a strong background in both design and computer science being one of the first female web designers in Australia (graduating from a class with only 4 females back in 2002). She believes design must be not only beautiful but functional. Her friendly approach to marketing is highly sought after by both small businesses and multinational companies.

Together our team will collaborate with yours to help your brand be it’s best. We aren’t exactly the guardians of the galaxy but we do consider ourselves to be the guardians of your branding (which we think is equally as important).

How we can help your business grow?

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