Creating content is simple

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The answer is NO. Content production is a HUGE job. This reality is often the most over looked part of website creation. We ask that you spend time collating your content and try to avoid these common mistakes and assumptions.

Common content production mistakes and assumptions:

Assumption 1: “Don’t worry, organising our content won’t take long.”

Many people are surprised by how long it can take to gather content for their new website.The most common cause of a delayed launch date is incomplete content.

Assumption 2: “Content is simple. We will just use our existing written material and tweak it a little.”

Sounds wonderful, but in reality, it simply doesn’t work. Good website content is written specifically for web visitors. In order to have engaging website content, you need to understand your audience:

  • Who will be looking at your content?
  • What are their information needs?
  • How do they want the content?
  • Is written text appropriate or should it be a video?

Content development usually follows a fairly standard and fairly lengthy process:

  • Identify what content needs to be written. Use the site plan in this document.
  • Start content development. Follow the schedule we provide.
  • Review and edit content to ensure consistency across all pages.
  • Load content into website.

Assumption 3: “Preparing content simply means just writing what you see on screen.”

An expensive assumption to make for your search engine optimisation. Search engines don’t see content like humans do. To achieve naturally high rankings with Google, you need to structure and format your content so search engines can find it.

Assumption 4: “We don’t need a copywriter / copy editor. We will just do it ourselves.”

You may think you know your product best, so you are the best person to write your copy. But, do you know how to write compelling copy that will make the reader do what you need them to do to convert them into customers? Or will your text encourage them to click the ‘back’ button? Talk to us about hiring a professional copywriter to write, rewrite, edit or polish your content.

Assumption 5: “It will all come together in the end.”

Without adequate management, your content development can quickly get out of hand. Different areas of your business may want to have input on different areas of the site. Getting content approved can become complex and tedious without proper management. Assign 1 person to manage content development and collate content from various departments of your business.