How to choose the right colour?

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guide-to-colour-emotions-iaq-graphic-designMake sure you are sending your audience the right message by using the right colours for your logo, company branding, brochure or website.

Colour is the most instantaneous and wonderful means for delivering and communicating messages to your audience. Much of our reaction to colour is subtle, triggered by chemicals in the brain, that can excite, sadden, overwhelm or inspire.


Pick a colour using a chart.

View the Pantone Colour Chart (pdf file). Please note colours may look different on your screen or printed via your office / home printer. For true accuracy use a Pantone Color Publication provided by a professional printer.

There are environmental factors that you need to consider.

For example: your eyes can’t focus on red and blue at the same time. Trying to read red type on a blue background or vice versa causes extreme eye fatigue. And unlike printed material, colours appear different on EVERYONES computer screen depending on their individual settings. So it is extremely important to make sure your design works in grey scale (black, white and grey only). There must be enough colour contrast for your viewers to be able to use your website without relying on colour alone.

Colour meanings

Red: exciting, stimulating, daring, dynamic, bold & sexy.

Blue: comfort, loyalty, security, stable, serenity & peace.

Yellow: caution, bright, cheerful, energetic, mellow, hope & happy.

Green: money, health, food, nature, fresh, healing, soothing & prestigious.

Brown: nature, aged, eccentric, earth, substance, durability & security.

Orange: warm, excitement, friendly, vital, inviting, energetic & playful.

Pink: soft, healthy, childlike, energy & feminine

Purple: royal, religion, elegant, sensuality, spirituality & creativity.

Black: dramatic, serious, strong, mysterious, elegant & powerful.

Grey: business, cold & distinctive.

White: clean, pure & simple.