Why you need to redo your website

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Your website content, design and goals MUST be revisited on a regular basis (yearly at the very least). To succeed you need to realign your website to meet your ever changing online objectives and user needs. Here’s 10 reasons and some thought provoking questions to get you started…


Why did we call it realign not redesign?

“The desire to redesign is aesthetic-driven, while the desire to realign is purpose-driven. One approach seeks merely to refresh, the other aims to fully reposition and may or may not include a full refresh.” ~ Cameron Moll. Your website may not need a whole new look (hence redesign), but it will constantly need changes as your goals change.

Here are the 10 reasons in text for you:

1. 90% all purchases (not just retail) begin on the internet.

Your customers can easily research & compare products online. They have more options. How will your site change to meet their evolving needs?

2. By 2013 more people will use mobiles than PCs to get online.

Searches on mobiles have risen 400% since 2010. How does your website look & function on  mobile devices?

3. 10 seconds to capture attention.

People will bounce away from your website if you don’t offer a clear path & valuable target. Is your site easy to use?

4. 78% trust online opinion

71% of complaints are not responded to.

Social media allows your customers to share their experiences. It allows you to respond & provide customer service. Do you use social media effectively? How is it a part of your web strategy?

5. 90%start by searching

Google ranking factors evolve. Your customers also change & refine their search habits. Are you targeting the right keywords?  How can you boost your page rank?

6. People need direction

Once a customer has found your website that doesn’t mean you’ll make the sale. You must motivate them to take action. Do you guide them on what to do, why, when, how & where?

7. Your website should be your best employee

It works 24 / 7 / 365. But to work effectively, it needs resources invested into it. A neglegted website can often do more damage than good.
How much have you invested lately?

8. Content is king

Your web content sells your product, encourages sharing, aids SEO & drives customers to conversion.
What does your content say about you? Is it written & presented effectively?

9. Its about THEM not you.

Customers don’t have time to admire your greatness. They are too busy searching for ways to make their own life better.
What’s in it for your customer?

10. To succeed you need clear goals

As your business grows, your goals change. Do you have a SMART web strategy?